This Day in Failure: August 7

2007: The San Francisco Giants’ Barry Bonds hits his 756th career home run during the fifth inning of an 8-6 loss to the Washington Nationals, breaking Hank Aaron’s record for most career home runs in major league baseball history. Many regard the new record as tainted, due to allegations that Bonds used performance-enhancing steriods during a significant portion of his career.

2002: Ten visitors to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans fall into a 20-foot-deep shark tank when a catwalk above the water collapses. Six adults and four children thrash around in the water with 24 nurse sharks and sand tiger sharks before being fished out. No one is seriously injured in the accident.

1964: Following several attacks on two American peace keeping boats in South Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin, U.S. president Lyndon Johnson requests and receives from Congress unprecedented executive authority courtesy of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Intended to “prevent further aggression” in Indochina, the act gives Johnson the power to act in Vietnam without a formal declaration of war.

1927: The Dodge Convertible Cabriolet is discontinued just four months after its debut.