This Day in Failure: August 28

2008: Air Canada’s regional carrier Jazz Airlines announces it is removing life vests from all of its planes to save weight and fuel, and begins instructing passengers to use seat cushions as flotation devices.

2008: Swedish food magazine Matmagasinet recalls ten thousand copies of its latest issue after one of its recipes (for apple cake) leaves four readers with symptoms of poisoning, including dizziness and headaches. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg the faulty recipe calls for 20 nutmeg nuts, which would give the cake “a horrible, bitter taste,” according to the magazine’s chief editor, Ulla Cocke.

2008: Major League Baseball reverses its long-standing opposition and begins allowing umpires to use instant replay on problematic home run calls.

2004: The men’s bronze-medal basketball game at the Athens Olympics is delayed by 48 minutes after both the United States and Lithuanian teams show up wearing “home” white uniforms. An official from USA Basketball averts the crisis by retrieving a set of red uniforms from the team’s hotel.

1988: Three Aermacchi MB 339 military jets collide in mid-air during an Air Show at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Wreckage and jet fuel rain down on the assembled crowd of 100,000, killing 69 spectators and injuring hundreds of others. Germany bans public air shows for three years, re-instating them only after stricter safety regulations are in place.