This Day in Failure: August 22

2019: The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders play an NFL preseason game on an 80-yard field after its determined that a patch of temporary turf in one end zone is unstable--and unsafe to play on. The Packers hold 33 players out of the game due to the field conditions, while the Raiders sit key players as well. Oakland goes on to win the game--held at IG Field, a Canadian Football League (CFL) stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2008: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ends its three-week-old self-deportation program after a mere eight people choose to participate. The program, dubbed “Scheduled Departure,” had been offered to 457,000 illegal immigrants, promising them more control over their deportation in exchange for voluntarily surrendering to authorities.

2007: The Baltimore Orioles become the first major league baseball team since 1897 to give up 30 runs in a game, losing to the Texas Rangers 30-3 in the first game of a twi-night doubleheader. The Orioles also lose the second game, 9-7, setting a new record for most runs allowed in a doubleheader.

2004: Armed men storm into Oslo’s Munch museum and steal the Edvard Munch paintings The Scream and Madonna in front of a group of stunned museum-goers. The Scream had previously been stolen in February of 1994, after which it remained missing for three months before being recovered at a hotel.

1992: White separatist Randy Weaver’s wife is shot and killed by an FBI sharpshooter as she was allegedly trying to surrender to authorities during a shoot-out at the family’s cabin in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The previous day, when government officials first engaged Weaver for failure to appear in court on weapons charges, his 14-year-old son and a U.S. Marshall had been mortally wounded. The stand-off enraged militant anti-government groups and sparked a national debate on the use of force by the FBI.