This Day in Failure: August 20

2017: New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge strikes out in the eighth inning of a game against the rival Boston Red Sox, extending his own MLB record to 37 consecutive games with a strikeout. A day earlier he broke the record previously set by Montreal Expos pitcher Bill Stoneman, who held the longest strikeout streak in a single season by any player. The rookie's 37 straight games with a K also ties a record for the longest streak over two seasons (Stoneman struck out in 37 straight games in 1971-72). 

2008: A Spanair MD-82 (flight JK5022) bound for Las Palmas in the Canary Islands crashes upon takeoff at Madrid’s Baragas airport, killing 153 of 172 people onboard, making this Spain’s worst air disaster in 25 years.

2006: Norwegian BASE jumper Karina Hollekim survives a 60-mile-per-hour impact after her parachute fails while skydiving in Switzerland. Hollekim suffers four fractures in her left femur and 21 open fractures in her right leg.

2005: The Kansas City Royals end baseball’s longest losing streak in 17 years, defeating the Oakland Athletics 2-1 to snap a club-record 19-game skid. The win also ends a club record-tying 12-game road losing streak.

1995: A collision between two trains in northern India kills 358 people and injures more than 400 more when the Kalindi Express, en route to New Delhi, hits a cow on the tracks near Firozabad, about 185 miles southeast of its destination. None of the 900 passengers on board are injured, but the train’s brakes are damaged, leaving the train unable to continue. When the local signalman fails to stop the next train—the Pureshotham Express from Puri—it crashes into the Kalindi at full speed.

1940: France falls to the invading German army in World War II.