This Day in Failure: August 17

2008: For the second consecutive Summer Olympics, four-time U.S. national rifle champion Matt Emmons loses out on a gold medal in the rifle final, this time when he accidentally pulls the trigger (a “set off”) before aiming at the target for his last shot. Four years earlier, in Greece, Emmons fired his last shot at the wrong target (a “cross fire”), a mistake which also kept him from medaling. The story has a happy ending, however. In 2004, after the so-called cross fire, a female shooter from the Czech Republic offered words of consolation, and the pair eventually began dating and got married.

2007: Toys “R” Us halts the sale of vinyl baby bibs at its U.S. stores and offers customers refunds after tests confirm that at least some of the Chinese-made bibs—marketed under the Koala Baby, Especially for Baby and Disney Baby labels—are contaminated with lead.

1998: Becoming the first sitting U.S. president to testify before a grand jury investigating his conduct, Bill Clinton admits—first to prosecutors of the independent counsel and later to the nation—that he had an improper relationship with a White House intern.