This Day in Failure: August 14

2007: While playing for the independent Atlantic League’s Long Island Ducks, former major league All-Star Jose Offerman, 38, charges the mound with his bat after being hit by a pitch. He proceeds to hit both the opposing team’s pitcher (Matt Beech) and catcher (John Nathans) with the bat; the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Bluefish catcher suffers a concussion and the pitcher sustains a broken finger. Offerman is charged with two counts of second-degree assault.

2003: The largest blackout in North American history begins at 4:09 pm (EST) when three transmission lines in Ohio fail and begin pulling down parts of the Northeastern power grid. An estimated 50 million people in Canada and eight U.S. states are directly affected before power is restored.

1945: One thousand Japanese army officers attack the Imperial Palace in an attempt to seize Emperor Hirohito’s recorded message announcing the country’s unconditional surrender to the Allies. The uprising is repelled by the palace guards and the Emperor’s speech—which asked his people to “endure the endurable”—is played on national radio the following day.