This Day in Failure: April 9

2008: Project Vote Smart (PVS), a nonpartisan voter education organization, kicks Republican presidential candidate John McCain off its Founding Board for his failure to answer and return its “Political Courage Test,” which asks candidates about what policies they support on a wide range of issues. PVS rules prohibit any non-respondent from serving on its board.

2001: Australia defeats Tonga 22-0 in a World Cup qualifying match. It’s the most lopsided score ever recorded in an international soccer match ... until two days later, when Australia trounces American Samoa, 31-0.

1974: Ray Kroc—founder of McDonald’s and owner of Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres—criticizes his players over the public address system during the team's home opener, a 9-5 loss to the Houston Astros. “Ladies and gentlemen, I suffer with you.... I've never seen such stupid baseball playing in all my life,” he said. During Kroc’s remarks a streaker runs across the field. Coincidentally, the San Diego Chicken (the club’s mascot) makes his debut that same day. San Diego would go on to lose its first six games of the season, outscored by a margin of 52-9 over that span.