This Day in Failure: April 5

2009: The University of Oklahoma’s women’s basketball team is upset by Louisville 61-59 in the semifinals of the NCAA tournament. A month earlier, Oklahoma center Courtney Paris guaranteed that her team would win the national championship, and that if the Sooners failed to do so, she would repay her entire four-year athletic scholarship—covering the cost of tuition, fees, room, board and books.

1987: Two spans of an Interstate 90 bridge crossing Schoharie Creek (Amsterdam, New York) collapse. Ten people die when four cars and a tractor-trailer plunge into the water.

1951: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are sentenced to death after being found guilty of conspiracy to transmit atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

1792: U.S. president George Washington casts the first presidential veto. The measure concerns apportioning representatives among the states.