This Day in Failure: April 24

2013: A nine-story commercial building in Savar, Bangladesh, collapses, killing 1,127 people. Approximately 2,515 people were rescued from the structure alive. The building, Rana Plaza, contained several garment factories, whose supervisors were warned not to use the building after cracks appeared the day before. It is now considered the deadliest garment factory accident in history and the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history.

2008: Gun dealer Eric Thompson, the Wisconsin-based online weapons merchant who sold one of the guns used in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, speaks at the school during a demonstration in favor of allowing people to carry concealed weapons at colleges. School spokesman Larry Hincker calls Thompson’s decision to appear “incredibly insensitive.”

1980: A mission to rescue the 52 American hostages in Iran goes awry when three of the eight helicopters fail, crippling the airborne aspect of the operation. During the withdrawal one of the helicopters collides with a C-130 transport plane, killing eight servicemen.

1967: Soviet astronaut Vladimir Komarov becomes the first person to die on a space mission when his craft's parachute becomes entangled at an altitude of several miles and the module falls to earth.