This Day in Failure: April 17

2009: Washington Nationals players Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman play a game against the Florida Marlins wearing jerseys with the team nickname spelled as “Natinals.” Later, the uniform company takes the blame for the errors: “All of us at Majestic Athletic want to apologize to both the Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball for accidentally omitting the ‘o’ in two Nationals jerseys,” says Majestic Athletic president Jim Pisani in a statement.

2008: Two sets of confidential blueprints for the planned Freedom Tower, set to be constructed at Ground Zero, are discovered in a city garbage can by a homeless, recovering drug addict. One of the sets is missing the first 14 of 150 pages.

1972: The hang gliding daredevil “Kiteman” skis down a ramp at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium, intending to soar to home plate and deliver the ceremonial first ball of the Phillies’ season. Blown off course by a gust of wind, Kiteman clips a row of seats, crashes into the railing of the upper deck, and hurls the ball into the Phillies bullpen, more than 400 feet from its intended destination.

1961: In what is now known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, 1400 Cuban exiles land at the Bay of Cochinos in Cuba and attempt to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Within three days the CIA-trained force is forced to surrender to Cuban communists, much to the dismay of president John F. Kennedy’s administration.