This Day in Failure: April 13

2020: Charles Calvin, a volunteer firefighter from Indiana, reports an $8.2 million deposit into his bank account, instead of the $1,700 CARES Act stimulus payment was expecting. “Holy crap, this has got to be wrong,” Calvin says when describing what he thought when seeing his account. “I’m like, ‘What in the world is going on? There’s no way I have $8.2 million in my bank account.’” His bank confirms the error and tells him his actual account balance is a mere $13.69.

2019: Baltimore Orioles infielder Chris Davis snaps a 0 for 54 hitless streak with a two-run single against the Boston Red Sox, ending the longest hitless streak by a position player in MLB history. It's Davis' first hit since September 14, 2018, a streak that spans 62 plate appearances.

2012: North Korea fires a long-range Unha-3 (or Galaxy-3) rocket, one which splinters into pieces over the Yellow Sea about a minute after takeoff. It’s an embarrassing failure for the Kim Jong Un regime, which invited dozens of international journalists to observe the launch.

2010: Toyota temporarily suspends sales of its 2010 Lexus GX460 after Consumer Reports advises shoppers not to buy the luxury SUV because of a handling problem that makes it prone to overturning.

1972: Ricardo Chavez Ortiz hijacks Frontier Airlines Flight 91 from Albuquerque to Phoenix, using an unloaded .22-caliber pistol to convince the pilot to fly the plane to Los Angeles, where he offers to release the hostages on board on one condition: that reporters from L.A.’s Spanish-language media be brought on board to air his grievances. He speaks incoherently for thirty-four minutes, then hands his unloaded gun to the pilot, and apologizes for the inconvenience.

1970: An oxygen tank bursts during NASA’s Apollo 13 mission, preventing a planned moon landing.