This Day in Failure: April 13

2019: Baltimore Orioles infielder Chris Davis snaps a 0 for 54 hitless streak with a two-run single against the Boston Red Sox, ending the longest hitless streak by a position player in MLB history. It's Davis' first hit since September 14, 2018, a streak that spans 62 plate appearances.

2012: North Korea fires a long-range Unha-3 (or Galaxy-3) rocket, one which splinters into pieces over the Yellow Sea about a minute after takeoff. It’s an embarrassing failure for the Kim Jong Un regime, which invited dozens of international journalists to observe the launch.

2010: Toyota temporarily suspends sales of its 2010 Lexus GX460 after Consumer Reports advises shoppers not to buy the luxury SUV because of a handling problem that makes it prone to overturning.

1972: Ricardo Chavez Ortiz hijacks Frontier Airlines Flight 91 from Albuquerque to Phoenix, using an unloaded .22-caliber pistol to convince the pilot to fly the plane to Los Angeles, where he offers to release the hostages on board on one condition: that reporters from L.A.’s Spanish-language media be brought on board to air his grievances. He speaks incoherently for thirty-four minutes, then hands his unloaded gun to the pilot, and apologizes for the inconvenience.

1970: An oxygen tank bursts during NASA’s Apollo 13 mission, preventing a planned moon landing.