Fact Sheet

PRODUCT Original content Web magazine covering failure from a bold, provocative perspective that is both informative and entertaining.
URL failuremag.com
EDITOR Jason Zasky
KEY PLAYERS Kathleen Ervin and Jason Zasky
START-UP March 1999
LAUNCH DATE Summer 2000
It’s an Option™
QUOTE "Failure is a loaded word, one that holds a negative connotation for some. But it doesn’t have to be negative. We see failure as an essential experience; if not always a building block to future success, then at least a necessary part of life."
SUBJECTS Arts & Entertainment, Business, Science & Technology, History, Sports and more.
FEATURES Failure Analysis™
This Day in Failure™
Failure of the Year™
Book Reviews
Failure Quotes
ATTITUDE Adventuresome and inquisitive
TARGET AUDIENCE 25-55, male and female
READER’S PSYCHOGRAPHIC Smart, inquiring, independent thinkers