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Failure magazine is the online publication full of humankind's boldest missteps. Covering stories large and small, historical and current, Failure and its nationally recognized writers – culled from the halls of academia and the pages of your favorite magazines – explore the world of arts & entertainment, science & technology, business, history and sports from a bold perspective that is insightful, informative and entertaining. It's a useful and interesting resource for anyone trying to succeed. And anyone who wants to talk to them.

A privately owned and operated media company, Failure Magazine features Failure magazine™ and FailureWear™, the clothing and merchandise line.

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Failure: It's an option

Maybe you haven't considered it. But for those dedicated to innovation, it's more than an option, it's an unavoidable necessity.

What kind of person reads Failure


Failure is for smart, ambitious, adventuresome men and women between the ages of 20 and 55 who enjoy investigating life and all its absurdities – the lessons learned, the battles lost and all the interesting stuff along the way.

If you have a message for the world, you want to reach the men and women who blaze the trail, not the ones who wear it into a rut.

We're heading into virgin territory and we're taking the leaders with us, the ones who turn a trickle into the mainstream. We figure that's who you are targeting as well.

The Psychographic

  • Educated
  • Ambitious
  • Adventuresome
  • Self-starters
  • Affluent or affluent-minded

Failure Magazine is for the Trailblazer

... and so is our advertising.

If you have an ad that has worked for you elsewhere, we'll be happy to run it. Or, we'll be happy to work with you to create customized opportunities that effectively and efficiently get your message across to our audience.

Whether you are new to Internet advertising or want to try a new groundbreaking approach, Failure can help.