The Failure of Christianity

Bob Briner knew that 80 percent of Americans claimed to believe in Jesus. He knew that church attendance was at an all time high. He also realized that Christianity had become ineffective. Then he did something about it.

Published 08/30/2000



Benecol is a new light margarine that can help lower your cholesterol. But after a lot of advance hoopla and a reasonably big advertising and public relations campaign, the brand is already in a downward spiral. What went wrong?

Published 08/17/2000


A League of Their Own

With all the money and excitement generated by the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball it’s easy to forget that professional sports leagues don’t usually survive over the long haul.

Published 07/19/2000


The Drive-in Movie Theater

The drive-in movie theater began its long swan song 40 years ago. But by reaching out to a new generation of movie-goers, the drive-in has forestalled its decline while searching for a new identity.

Published 07/17/2000


Kellogg’s Cereal Mates

Kellogg’s cereal and milk is a winning combo. But when the company tried to sell the two together, consumer response was lukewarm.

Published 07/17/2000


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