Weighty Words

A chat with the slow fat triathlete.

Weighty Words

If you ever looked at a Nike “Just Do It” ad and thought, “Maybe tomorrow…” then Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now (Marlowe & Co.) is for you. Author and triathlete-in-training Jayne Williams is the patron saint of couch potatoes, one who steadfastly holds on to the belief that there is an athlete in all of us. You may not even have to look that hard.

Throwing herself onto the bonfire of our collective vanities, Williams shares with the reader her own pilgrimage into the world of triathlons and personal fitness. This hard-earned perspective is as insightful as it is funny. Whether describing her relationship to food or her first encounter with a wet suit, Williams is a great storyteller who insists that one need not always be the best. Instead this slow fat triathlete reminds us that there’s a certain measure of satisfaction in finding the finish line on our own terms.

What made you want to do Triathlon? It’s not exactly the first sport one would associate with an overweight coach potato.
For me that was its perverse appeal. I am precisely the wrong body type for the sport. The difference between the elite body type and mine is pretty striking. But it’s one of those things where I got a bug and can’t really explain it. I had been involved in 5K and 10K [running] races, and I enjoyed improving my times and having that sense of camaraderie—hundreds or thousands of people gathered in the early morning to do something physical. Then I saw a friend do his first triathlon, and that just seemed like even more fun.

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