The Edge of Physics

Anil Ananthaswamy journeyed to Earth’s extremes to bring the world “The Edge of Physics.”

Anil Ananthaswamy’s travels:
October 2005: Very Large Telescope, Cerro Paranal, Atacama Desert, Chilean Andes.
March 2006: Lake Baikal Neutrino Telescope, Lake Baikal, Siberia.
September 2006: ATLAS particle detector at the Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland.
February 2007: Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, Soudan mine, Minnesota.
June 2007: KECK telescopes and DEIMOS spectrograph, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
October 2007: Potential site of the Square Kilometre Array, the Karoo, South Africa.
December 2007: Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting Spectrometer, Ross Ice Shelf near McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
January 2008: IceCube Neutrino Telescope, the South Pole. 
February 2008: 100-inch telescope, Mount Wilson Observatory, California.
April 2008: Telescopes of the Hanle Observatory, Mount Saraswati, India.

Slide shows for each of the above trips

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