Healing the Broken Mind

Transforming America’s failed mental health system.

Healing the Broken Mind

“For too many Americans with mental illness, the mental health services they need remain fragmented, disconnected and often inadequate, frustrating the opportunity for recovery…. Instead of ready access to care the system presents barriers that all too often add to the burden of mental illnesses for individuals, their families, and our communities.” Those were the words of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (2003), which went on to recommend “a fundamental transformation of the nation’s approach to mental health care.”

Six years later the U.S. mental health system remains badly broken, but with health care now a front-burner issue the opportunity for reform may finally be at hand, making the release of Timothy A. Kelly’s “Healing the Broken Mind” (NYU Press) particularly timely. In the book, Kelly—Director of the DePree Center Public Policy Institute, as well as Associate Professor of Psychology at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California—not only explains how and why America’s mental health system is in shambles, but provides a clear road map for transforming it into a sustainable, effective model of care.

Last week Kelly spoke with Failure about the book and his comprehensive plan for making mental health care treatment both accessible and effective.

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