Truman the Tiger Fumbles Independence Bowl Trophy

Mascot fail: Truman the Tiger drops, shatters the 2011 Independence Bowl trophy.

Truman With Broken Trophy
Truman the Tiger posing with the shattered AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl trophy.

Dec. 27, 2011:  Yesterday evening the University of Missouri defeated North Carolina 41-24 in the 2011 AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl. But the only thing people will remember about the sparsely attended game is that UM’s mascot, Truman the Tiger, accidentally dropped the trophy while attempting to lift it over his head for a pregame photo opportunity. The crystal bowl on top of the prize (which is reserved for the winner of the game) shattered on the concrete floor.

Asked by a reporter if he was responsible for breaking the trophy, Truman nodded. Then he threw his paws in the air, and covered his eyes to mimic sobbing, indicating that “he was as sorry as a college student in a Tiger suit could possibly be,” wrote Harry Plumer in The Missourian.

A local jeweler later provided a replacement for the shattered crystal bowl.