Syracuse man charged with unlawful surveillance

Man records himself installing spy cam.

John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick of Syracuse, New York, has been charged with burglary, stalking and unlawful surveillance after breaking into a co-worker’s home and setting up a spycam in her bedroom. 

Police say Kirkpatrick placed the motion-sensitive camera under the woman’s bed, and pointed it at a full-length mirror.

The victim called police when she discovered the camera, which had been disguised as an air freshener.  

How did police determine the perpetrator’s identity? The camera recorded Kirkpatrick installing it.

Police investigator James Meyers said: “We were able to view the footage on the camera which showed [Kirkpatrick], showed his sneakers, and showed him placing the camera. That's about all it recorded because she found it pretty much immediately when she got home.”

Police say it appears to them that Kirkpatrick is obsessed with the woman.

Kirkpatrick is due back in court on Friday, October 2.