Sinkhole, mudslide swallow Brazilian port

Security camera footage shows a combination sinkhole/mudslide swallowing the Brazilian port of of Chibatão.

On October 17 a combination sinkhole and mudslide created a 300-meter long hole running the length of a privately owned river terminal at the Amazonian port of Chibatão (Brazil). Recently-emerged security camera footage shows the terminal patio crumbling, as shipping containers and port equipment fall into the water.

Two port workers—Pedro Paulo, 31, and Sílvio Barbosa Silva, 63—have been confirmed missing. But Carlos Gonzaga, president of the local union, says he believes up to ten individuals may have been swept to their deaths.

José Ferreira de Oliveira, owner of the port, told local journalists that maintenance work was in progress when the landslide occurred.

The search for bodies remains ongoing, as is the effort to recover shipping containers and cargo handling equipment.

The port of the Chibatão is responsible for approximately forty percent of cargo movements to and from the industrial center around the city of Manaus, the Amazonian state capital.