Sarah Murdoch crowns wrong winner on Australia’s Next Top Model

Supermodel Sarah Murdoch, host of Australia’s Next Top Model, crowned the wrong winner on live television Tuesday night.

Amanda Ware  Australia Next Top Model
Amanda Ware, the real winner of Australia's Next Top Model.

Supermodel Sarah Murdoch, daughter-in-law of Rupert Murdoch, crowned Kelsey Martinovich winner of Australia’s Next Top Model during the show’s live 90-minute finale at Sydney’s Luna Park on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for all involved, Murdoch identified the wrong winner … and didn’t correct the mistake until a minute or so passed.

As the audience cheered and Martinovich began to thank everyone who helped her, Murdoch pressed on her ear-bud, then stammered: "I’m so sorry. Oh God, I don’t know what to say. This is a complete accident. I’m so sorry. It was fed to me wrong." She finally proceeded to declare Amanda Ware, 18, the real winner.

As the victor, Ware will receive an eight-page spread in Harpers Bazaar, a contract with a modelling agency, a $25,000 Levi’s campaign, a $20,000 cash prize, a Ford Fiesta Zetec, and a trip to New York. 

Fox Television has since announced that Martinovich will receive $25,000 to make up for the error. Sophie Van Den Akker was the other finalist and was the first of the three to be knocked out of the running.