Orbit Brush

A reinvention of the traditional hair brush.


Allow me to introduce a compelling new product: The Orbit Brush, which its inventor, George Stydahar, describes as a “reinvention of the traditional hairbrush.”

In a nutshell, the Orbit Brush is designed to “take the ‘Ouch’ out of tangled hair,” using “eight independently-rotating bristle wheels designed to eliminate the painful stops and starts” encountered when brushing.

“The instant any bristle hits a tangle the wheel spins, allowing the brush to pivot away from the tangle, without pulling the hair,” explains Stydahar, who lives in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

Apparently, Stydahar invented the brush in hopes of alleviating the discomfort his young daughters felt when he brushed their tangled hair.

Personally, I think the Orbit Brush story is tailor-made for a Failure magazine feature. We’ve reached out Stydahar and his press contact on several occasions and received no response. That seems odd, because the videos on the Orbit Brush Web site have the potential to go viral, if only the Orbit Brush received any media coverage.