MV Oceania sinks after collision with MV Xin Tai Hai

A hit and run accident on the high seas results in the sinking of the HV B Oceania.

August 1, 2011 --  Late on the night of July 29 two large ships—both en route to Singapore—collided eight nautical miles southwest of Pulau Pisang (an island off the west coast of the Malaysian state of Johor), resulting in the demine of the MV B Oceania. The MV Xin Tai Hai allegedly struck the Oceania at least twice before leaving the scene of the accident without any further contact. During the early morning hours of July 30 the Oceania sank beneath the waves, and shortly afterwards all 23 crewmen were rescued by a passing container ship, the MV Ikaruga.

According to Sait Seferoglu, captain of the MV B Asia (owned by the same company), the <i>Oceania</i> had experienced a trip “without incident” until both of her generators failed, resulting in a complete loss of power. While the ship’s emergency generator quickly restored limited power, the vessel was left without its main engine and soon lost speed. Before long the crew switched on the ‘Not Under Command’ lights and placed a direct call to the Xin Tai Hai, which was known to be nearby, but received no reply. The Xin Tai Hai apparently made no effort to steer clear and struck the Oceania, first on the victim’s starboard side by way of hold No. 1, then again by way of hold No. 3.