Obamasfailures.com is a miserable failure; it called on states to succeed

The Tea Partier-in-Chief at obamasfailures.com discovers that equating a president with failure isn’t as easy as George W. Bush made it look.


Obamasfailures.com started with a clearly-defined mission: To “Profil[e] President Obama’s Failures, lies, deceptions, mistakes...” But the blog’s anonymous Tea Partier-in-Chief (“Admin”) soon discovered that equating a president with failure isn’t as easy as George W. Bush made it look, which perhaps explains why (s)he gave up trying after a mere three-and-a-half months.

Reviewing the archived posts at the abandoned site, it’s apparent that Admin was struggling mightily to identify Obama’s purported mistakes, or even point out any “gaff’s” [sic].

It's also clear that Admin was unable to stay focused and on message; see “Michael Jackson is still dead,” and “Craig T. Nelson (Coach) is going to stop paying taxes.” But (s)he offered a compelling excuse for a particlarly long break between entries, writing, “I haven’t posted lately … as BLOOD has been shooting out of my eyes for over a month,” an exceptionally violent reaction to the state of affairs in this country, wouldn’t you agree?

And while you can probably guess which political candidates Admin supports, it’s safe to say that his (or her) reasoning will surprise you. For instance, on June 15, 2009, “ObamasFailures.com endorse[d] Chris Christie for NJ Governor,” largely because of Christie’s “sound principals” [sic]. I wouldn’t have guessed that Admin cares so much about education.

The single most remarkable post in the history of the site, however, was “Succeeding from the USA” (June 23, 2009), in which Admin promoted a group “that is calling for Texas to succeed [sic] from the Union.” Who could argue with that? Don’t we all want to succeed?

It’s worth noting that the owner-operator of obamasfailures.com had visions of making a quick buck. S(he) registered the domain name (along with obamasfailures.net) on March 6, 2009, then offered them for sale on a forum at daniweb.com on June 1, with the starting bid listed at $5,000. Presumably, no bidders came forward, as on July 12, the minimum bid was reduced to $500.

With no traffic, expected advertising revenue never materialized either. And next to helping liberate the USA from the supposedly dictatorial rule of President Obama, I’m sure Admin would have liked nothing more than to put up a “Mission Accomplished” banner and then enjoy the spoils of political blog-o-warfare in the form of Google Adsense checks.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to visit obamasfailures.com. Admin says it best when (s)he says: “You won’t believe the information you’ll find [t]here.”