Jennifer Cline sells Obama note to pay bills

Unemployed Michigan mother of two Jennifer Cline has sold her handwritten note from President Barack Obama to a New York autograph collector for $7,000.

Obama  Cline  Letter

November 2, 2010  --  “I know times are tough, but knowing there are folks out there like you and your husband give me confidence that things will keep getting better!” President Barack Obama wrote those words to unemployed mother of two Jennifer Cline, 28, back in January. On Saturday Cline and her husband Jason, 30, sold the rare note to a New York autograph collector for $7,000 to pay bills.

“This will get us through the winter. I feel bad that we had to do this,” said Jason in an interview with the Detroit News. The couple—who reside in Monroe, Michigan, and remain Obama supporters—drove to New York this past weekend to sell the two-line missive to Gary Zimet, who has listed the note on his Web site and hopes it will fetch $18,000.

Obama wrote to Jennifer in response to a three-page handwritten letter in which she thanked the president for jobless benefits and recounted the challenges of battling two forms of skin cancer without health insurance. A former pharmacy technician, Jennifer has been unable to find work since losing her job in 2007.

According to Jason, Jennifer was broken up about the need to sell the letter. “She wanted to keep it more than anybody will understand. It made her year,” he said.