Florida boy burned playing “Wizards”

A Pasco County, Florida, boy has suffered severe burns while playing "Wizards."

Sabastian Padgett, his brother, Seth, and a friend were playing “wizards” in their home in Hudson, Florida, over the weekend when 10-year-old Sabastian took his magic wand (that is, a gasoline-soaked stick) and cast a “spell” on a chicken in the family’s chicken coop.

Apparently, the spell called for pointing the “wand” at a chicken, lighting it with a match, and then spraying Raid to send a burst of flame in the chicken’s direction.

Unfortunately for Sebastian, the “spell” went awry when his friend knocked over a bucket of gasoline, which spilled at the young wizard’s feet.

What happened next, according to Seth, is that Sabastian lit a match, causing the pool of gasoline at his feet to ignite, engulfing his lower body in flames.

Sabastian put out the fire by dropping to the ground and rolling back-and-forth.

According to the Pasco County Sherriff’s office, Sabastian was flown to Tampa General Hospital by helicopter, where he remains is in serious condition with severe burns on his legs, stomach and chest.