False Plane Crash Report Costs Man 30k

You report a false plane crash, we decide to bill you $30,000.

Edward Pretzer Mugshot

This past Thursday night, Edward Pretzer called 911 in La Plata County, Colorado, to report that he had just been in a plane crash and that he was bleeding profusely from a severed arm. He also advised dispatchers that as many as 12 fellow passengers had been killed. Naturally, a throng of emergency workers, volunteers, and reporters descended on the reported crash site, with as many as 50 people and 18 vehicles responding.

But when rescue teams arrived on the scene they found no wreckage, so police used GSP coordinates provided by the 911 dispatcher to locate Pretzer, who had made five separate 911 calls. Deputies discovered a visibly intoxicated Pretzer in a nearby house, and arrested him for false reporting.

It gets worse for Pretzer. On Saturday the county advised that it will seek to recover $30,000 from him—the estimated total cost of the resources and fuel expended.