BNSF Plane Train Fail

On July 4, 2014, a BNSF train derailed in western Montana, causing a pair of Boeing 737 fuselages to land in the Clark Fork River.

Boeing Fuselages In  Clark  Fork  River
Boeing fuselages in the Clark Fork River following BNSF train derailment. Via Imgur,

July 5, 2014 -- "These things cannot have a scratch on them," said BNSF Railway Group Vice President David Garin in a 2013 interview with Trains magazine, referring to the Boeing 737 fuselages that BNSF transports from Wichita, Kansas, to Benton, Washington, a job it has been handling for more than two decades. "We find we have to clear brush, tree branches. Literally a scratch on these things causes a lot of concern."

Yesterday afternoon, a shipment of fuselages suffered more than a few scratches when a BNSF train derailed in western Montana, causing three of the fuselages to plunge down a steep embankment, with at least two coming to rest in the Clark Fork River. In a statement, Boeing said, "We have been informed that a BNSF train carrying six 737 fuselages and assemblies for the 777 and 747 derailed near Rivulet, Montana. We have deployed experts to the scene to begin a thorough assessment of the situation."

BNSF has a fleet of 99 specially-modified 89-foot cars to carry the 737 fuselages.

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