Ben Quayle calls Obama the worst president in history

Ben Quayle calls Barack Obama the worst president in history. Of course, he also thinks Mexico is part of the United States.

Ben Quayle For Congress

August 11, 2010  --  The son of former Vice President Dan Quayle unveiled a TV campaign ad Wednesday in his bid for Congress in which he calls President Barack Obama “the worst president in history.” Don’t put much stock in that declaration though.

Quayle the younger, 33, goes on to complain that America is in decline, pointing to the “Drug cartels in Mexico, and tax cartels in D.C.” as two of the country's prime problems. When did Mexico become part of the United States? Quayle must have attended the Fox News school of geography, where they teach that California is on the west coast of Africa.

The provocative ad is aimed at voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, ahead of the August 24 GOP primary.