Alleged rapist pursues victim into medical clinic

A case that seems destined for Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

Andrew Amaktoolik

The staff of a midtown Anchorage medical facility were shocked to hear a hysterical woman calling for help on a phone at the locked entrance to the clinic early this past Saturday morning. When they looked at the security monitors, they saw the woman was nearly naked, save for a torn shirt and bra, this according to the affidavit of Special Victims Unit detective John Vandervalk. Nevertheless, the staff at the Providence Extended Care Center didn't immediately buzz her in, so the woman forced the door open, wrote Vandervalk.

At that moment, “this man shows up and comes in through the opening that the lady had created and started to try to get to the woman," said Angela Lewis, assistant administrator at the center. The man—identified as 20-year-old Anchorage resident Andrew Amaktoolik—began grabbing the woman's breasts as she screamed for him to stop, but he didn't leave until the staff told him they had called police, Vandervalk's affidavit says.

Amaktoolik was subsequently arrested after a police dog found him passed out drunk in the nearby woods, according to a police affidavit filed in court. In the woods, police also found the woman's clothes, one of Amaktoolik's shoes, his underwear, and a bottle of vodka.

The woman was taken to the Alaska Native Medical Center for treatment. She later told police she didn’t remember the events in question. According to police, she suffered cuts and splinters that indicated she'd been crawling through the brush, and bruises on her neck indicated she had been choked. 

Amaktoolik has been charged with first-degree sexual assault and two counts of second-degree assault. His bail has been set at $50,000.