Book Reviews

Delusions of Grammar

Published 02/12/2017

“Delusions of Grammar” is Sharon Eliza Nichols’ follow-up to her hit books, “I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar” (2009) and “More Badder Grammar!” (2011).


Crude Nation

Published 11/15/2016

“Venezuela can teach us all an important lesson: too much money poorly managed can be worse than not having any money at all.”


The Legend of Zippy Chippy

Published 07/03/2016

Zippy Chippy never won a race, but the frolicsome thoroughbred found his true calling in retirement, proving that winning isn’t the only way to finish first.


Mesa of Sorrows

Published 02/22/2016

James F. Brooks’ history of the Awat’ovi Massacre illustrates how total destruction—and re-birth—are central to Hopi history.


The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Published 01/16/2016

Are the people of Scandinavia as happy as they are portrayed in the media?


Operation Thunderbolt

Published 01/08/2016

Saul David’s comprehensive account of one of the boldest Special Forces missions in history.


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