You Suck Postcard Pack

30 Snarky, Biting and Hilariously Obnoxious Postcards for Your Friends and Frenemies, Cider Mill Press.

You Suck Postcard Pack Book

First came the You Suck and F**k You Stamp Kits, two of a series of five by the Dare You Stamp Co. and Cider Mill Press. Building on the success of those two popular self-inking rubber stamps, Cider Mill has issued the You Suck and F**k You Postcard Packs, each of which contains 30 ready-to-mail postcards (postage not included) that are sure to make recipients laugh. Or at least test their sense of humor and their tolerance for being the butt of a joke.

Among our favorite messages from the You Suck edition: “Congratulations on accomplishing something that literally millions of people have already accomplished,” and “If you really want to know about mistakes … ask your parents.”

The F**k You book contains more explicit language, so there aren’t many messages that can be repeated here, but a few of the tamer missives include: “Thanks for the gift card. Wouldn’t want you to have put any effort into it,” and “Look up disappointment in the dictionary. Your picture looks fantastic!”

If this kind of humor appeals to you, buy the book(s) and send a few messages the old-fashioned way—via snail mail.