When Parents Text

So Much Said So Little Understood, Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli, Workman Publishing.

WhenParentsText.com got its start when a pair of twenty-something’s from New Jersey, Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli, shared a chuckle over a text exchange between Lauren and her mother. “When parents text, it’s hilarious,” Sophia offered, providing the inspiration for the now wildly popular Web site, which has since spawned this book, a compilation of LOL-funny texts collected by the authors, most never-before-published.

The book is arranged thematically (Pets, Pix, Potter, for example), and offers a dizzying array of bewildering messages, crazy emoticons, and autocorrect disasters. Never mind the extensive usage of ALL CAPS and the plethora of exclamation points!!!

A typical example from the book is as follows: 
Mom: i want to show you a video online, but the password isn’t working
Me: is it on caps lock?
Mom: no it’s on youtube

Kaelin and Fraioli take care to point out that they aren’t out to make fun of technologically-challenged adults, and to be sure, most of the humor is sweet and endearing. On balance, it seems that the greatest challenge for parents who text is learning the appropriate acronyms and emoticons.

Consider the father who intended to send his daughter a cyberhug but instead sent this: ({}). Or the child who asked for money, only to receive the following reply from mom: Does it look like I have … (_$_), which was intended to convey: “Does it look like I have money coming out of my ass?”

The best thing about the book is that it’s suitable for readers of all ages. Teens will laugh, and parents (not to mention grandparents) will learn from the mistakes of their contemporaries. There’s even a handy glossary at the end, so adults may more readily recognize what others are trying to say. With that in mind, my work is done here, so I’m off to *$$$ — er, Starbucks.

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