My Planet

Finding Humor in the Oddest Places

“My Planet” is a compilation of 62 humor columns written by Mary Roach for Reader’s Digest, columns which highlight all the little absurdities inherent in everyday experiences like shopping, traveling and socializing. 

Roach, the author of best-selling books like Stiff and Packing for Mars, has a gift for finding humor in mundane subjects like calling customer service and choosing an over-the-counter cold remedy. But she is arguably at her best when dwelling on the interplay between couples, and in particular her marriage to “the man I call Ed,” which features the kind of exchanges familiar to every married man and woman, including: “Is that what you’re wearing?” and “What did you say?”—the latter a symptom of what she describes as “conjugal hearing loss.”

The editors of Reader’s Digest describe the book best in the introduction—writing: “Roach prompts us to find wonder in the smaller, simpler moments, leading us to reader’s paradise of which we’ll never tire.”