I Hate Everyone

Matthew DiBenedetti, Adams Media.

“I Hate Everyone” is Matthew DiBenedetti’s follow-up to his tongue-in-cheek 2010 book I Hate Everything, which focused on his objects of disdain. This time around he fixates on the kind of people he dislikes, his message(s) again delivered via one-liners—one or more to a page.

For example, he hates people who … say the music when they were growing up was better…. Talk on the phone while in the bathroom…. Say they only smoke when they drink…. And use the words ‘epic’ and ‘fail’.

Notably, many of the spreads conflict with one another. On one page he writes, “I hate people who won’t tell me how much money they make.” And on the next, “I hate people who will.”

The underlying message of the book seems to be: Don’t let the little things get you down. Instead, laugh them off.

So if you’re sick and tired of being aggravated and irritated at other people, pick up “I Hate Everything” and have a laugh or two at their expense. And if you happen to find yourself the object of DiBenedetti’s scorn, understand that he hates “everyone who thinks [he] meant to offend them personally.”