F This Test

Even More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers, Richard Benson, Chronicle Books.

If you know the answers, taking a test is easy. If you don’t, you receive a low grade—and perhaps end up in a book like “F This Test,” a collection of “wrong, but brilliantly wrong” responses to test questions. “F This Test” is the third in a series of books that began with F in Exams and features the same kind of humorous exam fails that made the first two so popular.

This edition covers core subjects like history, science and math, and includes Q&A’s like:
Q: What was the Truman Doctrine?
A: A more trustworthy version of the Falseman Doctrine.

Q: What is created when a river runs over alternating layers of hard and soft rock?
A: Glam rock.

Q: What was the cause of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956?
A: They were getting hungarier and hungarier.

But the “best” answers seem to be found in the Performing Arts section. Consider:
Q: Give an example of a sonata? What makes your example a sonata?
A: Frank Sonata. He was born a Sonata.

Q: In music terms, what is a vamp?
A: Are you telling me there’s a Twilight musical? OMG

Personally, I don’t buy Benson’s notion that most of the students were having “a little fun” in the face of an exam fail. So it’s fitting to close this review with the following response to a geography question:
Q: What is meant by population density?
A: How stupid people are.