F in Exams

The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers.

If at first you don’t succeed, try harder. That’s the author’s message to the students who provided the “totally wrong test answers” included in “F in Exams.” Covering subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, math, history, and geography, humor writer Richard Benson has assembled a laugh-out-loud funny collection of questions and answers.

The tone is set with the very first question, which asks:
Q: What is a nitrate?
A: It is much cheaper than a day rate.

The answers get more and more humorous as one proceeds. Here are a few examples:

Q: Describe the chemical differences between H2O and CO2?
A: H2O is hot water, CO2 is cold water.

Q: What is a fibula?
A: A little lie.

Q: What is the meaning of the word “varicose”?
A: Close by.

Q: Describe the shape and structure of the Milky Way.
A: It’s kind of like a long, bumpy rectangle. It’s completely covered in milk chocolate, but inside there are two delicious layers: chocolaty nougat and caramel.

Benson tries to put a positive spin on the collected ignorance by claiming that the responses came “from students who realized that they had no hope of answering a question correctly, and decided to have a little fun instead,” thereby turning a “fail” into a “win.” But for the most part the students seem to be trying their best. 

Consider the response to the following: 
Q: Who wrote “The Republic” and “The Apology”?
A: Playdoh.

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