Crap Taxidermy

A Celebration of Crappy Taxidermy, Kat Su, Ten Speed Press.

“This book is a celebration of crappy taxidermy and the eccentric and amazing people who create it,” offers Kat Su in the Introduction, before defining crappy taxidermy as that which “highlights the subject’s state of death due to the animal being contextualized in a completely surreal or absurd way.” This includes taxidermy that is in a permanent state of rigor mortis, taxidermy that is anatomically incorrect, and the author’s personal favorite: taxidermy with “hilarious over-the-top facial expressions.”

The book features a collection of full- and half-page photos grouped into six categories/chapters, including: It’s In the Eyes, Dynamic Poses, Improving on Nature and Strange Anatomy. A quick visit to Su’s Crappy Taxidermy Tumblr, in operation since 2009, gives you an idea what to expect in terms of the photos in the book.  But “Crap Taxidermy” provides more than just a few laughs. The last chapter contains step-by-step DIY instructions on how to stuff a mouse, which will no doubt prompt some readers to take a stab at doing so, and perhaps provide more fodder for Crappy Taxidermy in the process. The author’s one overriding bit of advice for those intrepid readers? “Whatever you do, do not rupture the poop sack.”