The Dull Men’s Club

Certifiably and reliably dull, its members celebrate the ordinary and unremarkable.

I Love Dull Men
A member of the Decent Women’s Club (we presume), modeling a hat from the Dull Men’s Shop.

Is grey your favorite color? Do you relish mundane tasks? And enjoy the company of decent, sensible members of the opposite sex? Then the Dull Men’s Club (DMC)—“a place in cyberspace where dull men (and the women who appreciate them) share thoughts and experiences”—is for you. Found at, the DMC is a partly tongue-in-cheek site where members debate the ideal length of a nap, suggest pleasantly dull activities (like visiting rest areas), and users are gently discouraged from using exclamation points in their missives.

Failure recently reached out to founder Grover Click—a semi-retired accountant who spends most of his time online, but occasionally socializes with the ladies of the Decent Women’s Club—to pepper him with questions about the DMC, and to find out what qualifies as “safe excitement.”

What kind of man enjoys the Dull Men’s Club?

A man who tires of the pressure to keep up with the Joneses, and instead enjoys the ordinary things life has to offer. Several types of men enjoy the DMC. Of course, there are the men who are totally dull. There are also men who are partly dull; they retreat to the DMC when they want to revive their dull side.

Are there any barriers to entry?

No, as long as prospective members accept the fact that they enjoy living a dull life, and are content with that.

What qualifies as “safe excitement”?

There’s more than watching paint dry. There’s watching grass grow, ice melt, water freeze, wood warp, grapes turn into raisins, and much more.

Why do dull men seem to enjoy making and checking off lists?

A feeling of accomplishment is the major reason. It’s a wonderful feeling each time I cross something off my to-do list. I confess that I sometimes add items to my list that I’ve already done so I can then cross off the items.

There’s also a practical reason (dull men are practical). And lists prevent mistakes (dull men don’t like to make mistakes). That’s why checklists are so important to airline pilots and surgeons and others whose mistakes can have tragic consequences.

What kind of women appreciate dull men?

Sensible women. It makes sense to appreciate a dull man. 

Is it a challenge to remain dull? After all, it’s a big, exciting world out there.
Yes. That’s what the DMC is for—to make it possible for men to remain dull.

What does it take to win the DMC's Dull Man of the Year award?

A steadfast pursuit of dull activities and the embodiment of our core values, such as reliability and an appreciation of the simple, ordinary things in life.

What is the highlight of a dull man’s existence?
A nice nap. 

Anything else you think we ought to know?
No, other than to say that answering these questions has almost been more excitement than I can bear. So now for that nap.

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