Braxton Bragg

Earl J. Hess on the most hated man of the Confederacy.

Braxton Bragg Braxton Bragg was “a complex and important individual who deserves much more from students and historians than to be made the butt of unfounded ridicule.” Read More


The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell

Michael Schumacher, author of “Torn in Two,” on the 1966 sinking of the six-hundred-foot Morrell, which broke in half during a storm on Lake Huron.

The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell On November 29, 1966, the Daniel J. Morrell split in two during a late autumn storm on Lake Huron. Dennis Hale, a 26-year-old watchman, was the sole survivor—rescued after spending thirty-eight hours on a life raft in subfreezing weather. Read More


Herbert Selpin’s Titanic

Herbert Selpin’s Titanic

Before A Night to Remember and James Cameron’s Titanic there was the “Nazi Titanic.”

“Everything that could go wrong did go wrong,” says Robert P. Watson, author of “The Nazi Titanic,” about the making of the anti-British propaganda film Titanic. Case in point: Director Herbert Selpin was murdered by the Gestapo before he finished the movie. Read More

The Nazi Titanic

The Nazi Titanic

The forgotten tragedy of the Cap Arcona, the last major indignity of the Holocaust and one of history’s worst maritime disasters.

Germany’s Cap Arcona was mistakenly bombed by the Royal Air Force during the last days of World War II, killing nearly all of the concentration camp prisoners aboard. In “The Nazi Titanic” author Robert Watson tells the story of this largely forgotten Holocaust disaster. Read More

This Day in Failure

December 11th

1961: President John F. Kennedy orders 425 military advisors to South Vietnam to provide training to South Vietnamese soldiers. The deployment marks the beginning of the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam, leading to what is arguably the most unpopular war in U.S. history.

Another day in Failure.  

Failure Analysis

To borrow a phrase, it’s three minutes to midnight® in American politics; we need a new symbol that illustrates the urgency of our political situation. More

Will Trump MAGA?

I’m sure some people voted for Barack Obama because of me.

- George W. Bush, December 1, 2008