America’s Whiskey: A History

From big-brand creation myths to the future of the industry.

America’s Whiskey: A History Author Reid Mitenbuler pulls back the curtain on America’s whiskey industry. Read More


10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty was not a gift from France, for one.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty is arguably the most famous sculpture in the world, yet few can recall the backstory of the 151-foot-tall colossus. Read More


Countdown to Zero Day

Countdown to Zero Day

Years before the Iran nuclear negotiations the U.S. wielded Stuxnet, “the world’s first digital weapon.”

Prior to the negotiations that produced the framework of a nuclear pact, the United States attempted to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program using a sophisticated digital weapon—Stuxnet. Read More

Robert Kingston Scott

Robert Kingston Scott

Distinguished Civil War general turned coldblooded killer.

“As unique a mixture of hero and rogue as ever wore a United States uniform.” Read More

This Day in Failure

May 24th

2011: Just days after winning the North Carolina Education Lottery 200, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, 26, gets a ticket for speeding (and careless & reckless driving), after being clocked at 128 mph in a 45-mph zone in a rural part of North Carolina. During the aforementioned NASCAR race, Busch’s average speed was a comparatively pedestrian 101.6 mph.

2005: “See,...

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Another day in Failure.  

Failure Analysis

Tight end Gerald Christian became Mr. Irrelevant 2015 when he was selected 256th overall in the NFL draft. More

Your preference for next U.S. President?

I want his policies that I believe take us in the wrong direction to fail.

- Fred Thompson, actor and former GOP White House hopeful, on president Barack Obama, March 25, 2009